Video Production Oxford

Working With An Oxford Video Production Agency

Whether you are an individual, business owner, company producer or marketing director, it’s likely that at some point you will find yourself needing to avail of the services of a top-rated video production agency. Choosing which production company to hire can be difficult since there are some many providers in operation. So, here are 4 top tips to help you assess the quality of a video production agency and make your hiring decision easier:

  1. Review Their Portfolio Of Work

Arguably one the best ways to get an idea of the skills of a video production oxford firm is to ask to see some of their previous work. Many agencies upload portfolios to their websites to enable clients to see how they approach video content creation. Look out for any signs of bad lighting, jump cuts, sloppy camera angles, and low frame rates when viewing demo reels.

  1. Consult With Previous Clients

Talking to previous clients can help to learn more about the professionalism of a company. It’s a red flag if an agency can’t provide you with any contact details of past clients who are happy to endorse their services. Another way to find out what previous clients think about a particular agency is to read reviews on independent platforms. You can often find detailed reviews and ratings from previous clients on an agency’s GMB (Google MyBusiness) Listing

  1. Are Their Prices Competitive?

When it comes to buying professional video production services, price matters. While you obviously want to avail of quality services, you also want to ensure you are not paying over the odds. There is lots of competition in the video production industry, so as a client, you should be able to take advantage of some great price deals. Make sure an agency can give you a detailed breakdown as to how they charge for services. While some companies operate on a cost per minute of produced footage basis, others require you to pay an hourly rate for each professional’s time.

  1. Can They Meet Your Unique Needs?

There are lots of great Oxford video production agencies and the best ones tend to specialise in certain areas. For example, some agencies specialise in professionally produced family wedding videos, while others specialise in online video ads for corporate firms. You want to choose an agency that has experience making the type of video content your require. Hiring a wedding videographer to shoot a wildlife documentary might not be the best idea. No matter how talented the videography is at shooting family weddings, if they don’t have experience capturing wildlife action shots and using night version cameras, they are not going to be able to provide you with the best results.